Bitcoin Fear Returns – Fear and Greed Index Drops Below 50 Mark

• Bitcoin’s market sentiment has declined to neutral as the price of the asset has dropped below the $22,000 level.
• The “fear and greed index” is an indicator that displays investors’ sentiment in the Bitcoin market.
• Values higher than 50 indicate a greedy market while those lower than 50 suggest a fearful one.

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index

The Bitcoin fear and greed index is an indicator used to understand investors’ sentiment in the cryptocurrency markets. It uses a numerical scale from 0-100, with values above 50 indicating a greedy market and those below it suggesting a fearful one. Additionally, there are two special sentiments known as “extreme greed” and “extreme fear” which take place at values of 75 or lower than 25 respectively.

Current Market Sentiment

At present, the value of the fear and greed index stands at 48, which suggests that investors have a neutral sentiment with slight lean towards fear. This drop in value can be seen when compared to recent days where the market had been considered greedy on this metric.

Historical Trend

When looking back over time, it becomes apparent that for most of last year, the Bitcoin fear and greed index had been in either fear or extreme fear stages consistently – making it longest ever streak on record according to this indicator. However, this came to an end earlier this year when BTC prices finally started rallying up again.

Implications for Investors

Some traders believe that buying during periods of extreme fear (where bottoms form) is ideal; while selling during times of extreme greed (when tops occur) provides optimal opportunities for profit taking. So far though, no one can say exactly how effective these strategies will be with regards to BTC or other cryptocurrencies going forward.


Overall, it seems clear that investor sentiment towards Bitcoin has dropped from greedy levels recently – giving rise to more neutral feelings among investors who are likely taking caution as prices dip below $22K again. As always though it pays off to remember that past performance does not necessarily guarantee future returns – so do your own research before investing!